Piano Improvising Tip

It’s a miracle . That’s what piano playing is.
When truly improvising, the music that comes out reflects the essence of each person.
The piano is a vehicle for revealing ourselves to ourselves.
You can’t force it.
The piano is a vehicle for self-realization.
When you start not knowing where the music that is emanating from you is coming from, then you have arrived.
In the beginning, keep your forays into improvisation upon melodies “close to the vest”… simple / just a few notes away from the original song.
It’s not about playing jazz – – it’s about playing you!
Mistakes are often your best source for new ideas.
You can’t get the zone, the zone finds you….
Piano playing is about being yourself, enjoying what you are doing…it’s not about being perfect.
Success is measured by how much enjoyment and pleasure you derive and share with others.

Sonny’s Pianos Tips: Improvisation

To Improvise Or Not To Improvise. That Is The Question.

Whether it be nobler to follow the rules and constraints of the accepted comfortable way that came before, or to set out on a new course totally without restrictions. Linked to what came before but not limited by it. The inevitable next step,  a leap of faith into the unknown, a course based on one’s own inner compass, overcoming the fear of letting go. Play from your heart, play from your soul,  play with complete abandon. Combine all that you know, all your muscle memories and life experiences, synthesize all that you are and just play. To improvise means to live completely in the moment and just breathe, surrender to the experience , let go, merge. Bruce Lee put it this way “When about to fight, do not anticipate the outcome, just be in the moment and breathe. You will know what to do when the time comes.