Sohmer Piano Art Case Just Refinished/Rebuilt Mahogany “Cupid Model” – See Video

Sohmer Double Leg Art Case Piano

Sohmer Double Leg Art Case Piano

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Gorgeous Sohmer Art Case Piano, “Cupid” Model shaped like a heart 5’5″ 1928. From the hey day of piano manufacturing in America. Recently refinished and partial rebuild. New pins, strings, new key tops, regilded plate and re-glossed soundboard. Piano has classic sublime Sohmer rich tone. Well regulated.  A real beauty and a great instrument.  Free LI/NYC delivery all else continental USA only $475. for move and set up in you living room. Questions call Sonny Direct 631.475.8046

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Rosewood Sohmer Grand Piano 6’4 Just Reblt/Refin Circa 1885 – $8500 – See Video Tour

Sohmer Rosewood Grand Piano

Sohmer Rosewood Grand Piano

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Gorgeous Rosewood Sohmer Grand Piano,1885 6’4″ recently rebuilt and refinished. New hammers, shanks, flanges, dampers, strings, pin block. Real period piece, collectors item, plays and looks great. Very few around. Questions? Call Sonny Direct. Warranty and free LI/NYC delivery. All else continental USA only $475 for delivery and set up in your living room.

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New Sonny’s Pianos Video Tour – Rare Art Case Rosewood Sohmer Baby Grand

Sohmer Rosewood Piano

Sohmer Rosewood Piano

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Very Rare Art Case Sohmer Symetrigrand, circa 1885, Rosewood & Mahogany, gorgeous case, COLLECTORS ITEM, beautiful rosewood, and mahogany case, square victorian style legs,
85 notes, two pedals, case just came back from refinishers, original ivories in excellent condition, action just regulated, plays and sound great. Questions? Call Sonny Direct 631 475-8046.

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Sohmer Baby Grand Piano $4700 – See Sonny’s Video Tour – Free Delivery!

Sohmer Baby Grand Piano

Sohmer Baby Grand Piano

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Sohmer Baby Grand Cupid Model 5’5″, Beautiful Mahogany. Just came back from the refinisher, tasteful gloss, classic mahogany grain and wood tone. Excellent refinishing job. Action regulated. Rich warm “Sohmer Piano” tone and action response. Sohmer is one of the best pianos ever made. Often referred to as the poor man’s Steinway. This one from the heyday of piano manufaccturing in USA. Circa 1938. Sohmer had his factory down the street from Steinway in Astoria, Queens NY. Legend has it he and Steinway were friends and shared many of their piano manufacturing techniques. Listen to the video, sounds great, looks beautiful, plays very, very well. Price includes FREE delivery anywhere USA and one year repair warranty. Questions Call Sonny Direct at 631 475-8046.


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