Sonny’s Art Case Pianos: Steinway D 8’6″ Art Case “Victorian” Style Totally Rebuilt/Refinished $25,000.


Art Case Victorian Style Steinway D, 8’6″, totally rebuilt and refinished summer 2015. New Alaska Sitka spruce soundboard, new pinblock, brand new Steinway Action, converted to modern action from original “rocker Action”, regulated and voiced, sounds great, new strings, dampers, keytops, new natural grain French Polish Semi-gloss finish. Hand painted gold trim. Incredible tone, incredible work of art. Questions? Call Sonny directly 631 475-8046 or email


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Would you like to win a brand new piano? Sonny’s PianoTV would like to invite you to enter a video into our “Win A Free Piano Contest” on Facebook. Just go to and upload your piano video into the upload box and you’re in the contest. Facebook fans will vote on their favorites and the top three videos with the most votes win pianos. The contest starts on June 7, 2012 and voting runs for 5 weeks. The sooner you upload and enter, the better chance you have to let all your friends and family know so they can vote for you.
We are giving away three Pianos! The Grand Prize is a Brand New Albert Weber 51 inch Upright Piano. Second place prize is a Stief Baby Grand Piano, 3rd place gets a Wurlitzer Upright. No joke. This is our second contest. Come join the fun. Good Luck and Happy Piano Playing.


Chickering Baby Grand Piano 5’3″ (VIDEO) African Mahogany

Chickering Baby Grand Piano 5’3″ African Mahogany

Chickering Baby Grand Piano 5'3" African Mahogany

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Chickering Baby Grand Piano, 5’3″ African Mahogany, rebuilt & refinished about 12 years ago, originally built circa 1930. Chickering was one of the great American hand crafted Piano manufacturers of the 19th & 20th centuries. Chickering had one of the first patents for the metal plate inside all pianos. When this piano was rebuilt a few years back they put on new hammers, new strings, dampers, pins, they regilded/repainted the plate and reinforced the soundboard and refinished the case. Warranty. Free Long Island/NYC delivery all else continetal USA only $475.

Questions? Call Sonny Direct at 631 475-8046

Piano Yoga Tips By Sonny: (SEE VIDEO) Piano as a Percussive Instrument!

Piano as a Percussive Instrument-Embellish Your Playing!

Sonny demonstrates some quick techniques for embellishing and playing the piano more rhythmically.

Sonny’s Piano TV – Art Case Vose Baby Grand Piano – Meditteranean Style-Collector’s Item! – See Video Tour! – $7900

Vose Baby Grand Piano Double Leg

Vose Baby Grand Piano Double Leg

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Art Case Vose Baby Grand Piano, Mediterranean Style-Collector’s Item. Absolutlely gorgeous walnut, double legged 5’4″ Baby Grand Piano. Only two others known to exist. Probably special order from Vose of Boston. Circa 1930’s, just refinished, rebuilt around 10 years ago. New pins, dampers, strings, hammers, bushings, key tops, plays great looks incredible. See photos for more detailed photos of the grain. Free LI/NYC delivery. All else continental USA only a $475. for delivery & set up in your living room. Comes with Warranty. Questions? Call Sonny Direct at 631 475-8046.

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Sonny’s Piano TV – “Crown Jewel” Steinway Grand Piano Model M 2001 Kewazinga Bubinga – See Video Tour!

Steinway M Grand Piano

Steinway M Grand Piano

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2001 Steinway Grand Piano Model M from the “Crown Jewel” Collection. Exotic Kewazinga Bubinga Wood. Mint Condition. Piano has little playing time. One family owner. Superb, sublime, magnificent tone and action response. Piano action just regulated. Mint condition. Like new! Steinway’s Crown Jewel Collection features Steinway pianos encased in magnificent woods, prized for their exquisite color and grain, and gathered from around the world. Steinway & Sons craftsmen meticulously match the grain from one end of the piano to the other, even across the beveled edge of the lid. Each Steinway Crown Jewel is an original handmade work of art, unique in all the world. Individually distinguished with a special limited edition medallion marking its rarity. This Steinway is made from Kewazinga Bubinga a very large West African timber, with many of the characteristics of rosewood. Distinguished by its red color streaked with dark purple, and its conspicuous pores, Kewazinga Bubinga is highly valued for architectural and design woodwork, and fine cabinetry. (details excerpted from the Steinway Website under Crown Jewel Collection) Free LI/NYC delivery. All else continental USA only $475. for delivery & set up in your living room. Comes with Warranty. Questions? Call Sonny Direct at 631 475-8046.

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Sonny’s Piano TV – Bechstein Grand Piano 6’7″ (Rebuilt By Sap Of Poland) $22,000 – See Video Tour

Bechstein Grand Piano

Bechstein Grand Piano

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Legendary Bechstein Grand Piano. Art Case Gloss mahogany. Built in 1950 rebuilt by Sap of Poland 8 years ago-no playing time since rebuild/like new! (Sap is considered by many to be the best rebuilders in the world) All new parts except beautiful original ivories and sound board which was shimmed as is the custom in Europe to preserve the original high quality older wood that  the European sound boards were built from. Abel hammers. Rich, robust, resonant, sublime Bechstein tone. Powerful and elegant, action well regulated. Free LI/NYC delivery. All else continental USA only a $475. for delivery & set up in your living room. Comes with Warranty. Questions? Call Sonny Direct at 631 475-8046.

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Sonny’s Piano TV – White Gloss Schumann Grand Piano 5’8″ – See Video Tour

Schumann Gloss White Grand Piano

Schumann Gloss White Grand Piano

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White Gloss Schumann Grand Piano. Robust sound, rich tone,  pretty off white gloss finish, fast, responsive action. Made in 1988, piano has very little playing time, insides are like new, case in very good condition. Comes with Warranty. Free delivery LI/NYC. All else continental USA only $475 for delivery and set up in your living room. Questions Call Sonny Direct at 631 475-8046.

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Sonny’s Piano TV – Steinway Grand Piano Model B 1976 Like New! $29,500

Used Steinway Model B

Used Steinway Model B

Video Tour Coming Soon!

(VIDEO TOUR COMING SOON)The quintessential Grand Piano “The Steinway Model B”, one of the most sought after pianos on the planet. This one made in 1976, like new, practically no playing time on this piano. Action just regulated, very responsive, furniture excellent condition. All original parts but like new as if it just came out of the factory. Well cared for, sublime tone, patented Steinway rapid response action. One owner. This B is perhaps one of the best B’s I have ever played. I think 1976 was a good year for B’s out of the factory. Chrystal clear, rich, robust tone, booming bass. Warranty, Free LI/NYC Delivery. All else USA only $475. Questions? Call Sonny Direct 631 475-8046

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Sonny’s Piano TV – Steinway Piano Model M 5’7″ Mahogany – See Video

Used Steinway Grand Piano

Used Steinway Grand Piano

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Gorgeous Mahogany Steinway Grand Piano Model M 5’7″, made in 1928 the heyday of piano manufacturing in America, all hand crafted piano, cast iron plate made in the Steinway foundry which many believe is why the pre-world war 2 Steinways were superior to those that came after world war 2 when they started farming out the manufacturing of the plates to outside contractors. This piano just received a French Polish (several coats of varnish hand rubbed over original finish to give piano an even sheen and a like new look)and had the action regulated and the entire piano refurbished. Has classic 1920’s Steinway sublime tone and action repsonse. This piano is going to make someone very happy. Questions? Speak with Sonny direct at 631 475-8046. Warranty & free shipping and set up on Long Island & NYC all else continental USA only $475 for same.

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