Sonny’s “Designer Pianos” Series, White “Sandstone Steinway” Grand Piano Model “O” Custom Hand Painted “Shabby Chic” $22,500. Art Case


Another in our new “Designer Pianos” Series. Absolutely remarkable, sublime sounding, Steinway Model O 5’10.5″ Hand Painted shabby chic, white sandstone. In keeping with the latest trends in home decor, we have created this multi-layered work of art on this very special sounding Steinway O made in 1918 during the “Golden Age” of Steinway manufacturing. Partial rebuild about 15 years ago, new strings, new pins, new dampers, new Renner Blue hammers and shanks. Renner hammers are used by the the Hamburg Steinway factory, Bosendorfer, Bechstein and many other high end piano makers. Rich sounding, very round tone and responsive action this Steinway is both a beautiful work of art and a sublime-sounding instrument. Great candidate for a PianoDisc IQ Player System. Warranty. Worldwide shipping.

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Sonny’s “Designer Pianos” Series, White “Sandstone Steinway” Grand Piano Model “O” Custom Hand Painted “Shabby Chic” $22,500. Art Case

Sonny’s Art Case Pianos: Steinway D 8’6″ Art Case “Victorian” Style Totally Rebuilt/Refinished $25,000.


Art Case Victorian Style Steinway D, 8’6″, totally rebuilt and refinished summer 2015. New Alaska Sitka spruce soundboard, new pinblock, brand new Steinway Action, converted to modern action from original “rocker Action”, regulated and voiced, sounds great, new strings, dampers, keytops, new natural grain French Polish Semi-gloss finish. Hand painted gold trim. Incredible tone, incredible work of art. Questions? Call Sonny directly 631 475-8046 or email


Announcing Sonny’s Concert TV – The Online Music Video Concert Hall

Sonny's Concert TV

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Introducing Sonny’s Concert TV

This is the first online all-music video concert hall where solo musicians, bands, orchestras, musical ensembles, church groups, charities, and musical organizations of all kinds can upload their concerts for free and can split the profits 50/50 with the house.  Call Sonny at 631.475.8046 or email

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