Steinway Pianos Wanted! Instant Cash Paid! Sonny’s Pianos!

Selling YOUR Piano?
Selling your STEINWAY Piano?

Call Sonny at Sonny’s Piano of Long Island, NY !!! 

Call or email us today! We buy Steinway pianos of all ages, any condition, in particular newer Steinways made after 1970. We have several ways of helping you sell your piano. We may purchase it ourselves, we can find a buyer for you and sell it right from your house, or we can take it on consignment. Call today and speak with Sonny to get a free appraisal and discuss what options are available to you. We are here to help you find a new home for your piano!

We currently have clients looking for the following pianos.
(Please no upright pianos except Steinways)

• Steinway Baby Grand Piano Model S
• Steinway Baby Grand Piano Model M
• Steinway Grand Piano Model L
• Steinway Grand Piano Model O
• Steinway Grand Piano Model A
• Steinway Grand Piano Model B
• Steinway Art Case Pianos
• Steinway King Louis XV style Pianos
• Steinway Console and Upright Pianos
• Steinway Model C
• Art Case Steinways
• Mason Hamlin Grand or Baby Grand Pianos
• German Made Pianos All Models
• Young Chang and Samick Baby Grand and Grand Pianos
• Baby Grand or Grand Player Pianos ( Modern Only with CDs )
• Baldwin Pianos
• Bosendorfer Pianos
• White Gloss Pianos
• High Gloss Pianos
• Art Case Decorative Pianos

Questions or Inquires? Please call Sonny at (631) 475-8046 or Sonny@SonnysPianos.comImage

Visit Sonny’s Piano Online All Video Showroom at or in person at our Warehouse Showroom: 1626 Locust Avenue, Bohemia, Long Island NY

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