Steinway Grand Piano Model M 2003 from the Crown Jewel Series with PianoDisc Player System $27,500.

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We are the pre-owned piano specialist! We ship Nationwide & Worldwide! Call for price quotes.

Steinway Grand Piano Model M 2003, Exotic Mahogany from the “Crown Jewel” Series with a PianoDisc Player system. Piano has practically no playing time on it. Was owned by people that had no piano players using it. They occasionally used the player system when they had company or a party. Hammers barely have any grooves on them. Our technicians just regulated the action and voiced the hammers. Our furniture people went over the case so now it plays and looks brand new. Comes with a warranty. Free LI/NYC delivery. All else continental USA only $475 delivery and set up in your location. Questions? Call or email Sonny at 631 475-8046 or (The following is from the Steinway Website regards their Crown Jewel Series) “Each Steinway Crown Jewel is an original handcrafted work of art, unique in all the world. Crown Jewel pianos are encased in your choice of magnificent woods, prized for their exquisite color and grain, and gathered from around the world. Steinway & Sons craftspeople meticulously match the grain from one end of the piano to the other — even across the beveled edge of the lid. Individually distinguished with a special Limited Edition medallion indicating its uniqueness, a Crown Jewel is a Steinway that truly makes itself heard even before you touch the keys.”

 FREE LONG ISLAND/NYC DELIVERY! ONLY $475 REST OF CONTINENTAL USA Questions? Call Sonny Direct 631 475-8046 or e-mail

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