Kimball Grand Piano 6’7″ ‘Viennese Model ‘ Like Bosendorfer Vienna Model Walnut (VIDEO) 1974 $5900. WARRANTY! We ship Nationwide & Worldwide!

Kimball Grand Piano 6’7″ ‘Viennese Model ‘ Like Bosendorfer Vienna Model Walnut (VIDEO) 1974 Warranty $5900. We ship Nationwide & Worldwide!

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Kimball Grand Piano 6'7
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This remarkable 6’7″ Kimball Grand Viennese Model is referred to as a “sleeper” in the piano industry…a great piano that few people know about. A well kept secret is another way of putting it. I have had a few and they played and sounded absolutely great so I looked into the history and it turns out from 1964 until the early 90’s Kimball International owned both the Kimball Piano Company and Bosendorfer Piano Company. Bosendorfer being one of the best pianos in the world. So during that time Kimball Pianos borrowed a lot of the technology and trade secrets of the Bosendorfer Piano so the Kimballs during this time period are like “Baby Bosendorfers” a hybrid between a Kimball and a Bosendorfer…the cast iron plate design is identical. Check the last three photos here which are from a Bosendorfer. 7 holes in both the Kimball and the Bosendorfer. Same exact plate in the Bosendorfer as in this Kimball. This one was very lightly played. Hardly any mileage on it at all. The tone and action response is great. Only one owner here on Long Island. I have played my share of Bosendorfers and this one compares very favorably. The last 6’7″ Bosendorfer we had sold for $36,000. Comes with a warranty and Free Long Island/NYC delivery $500. anywhere else in the continental USA for first floor delivery. Questions? Call me at 631 476-8046 or e-mail at sonnyspianos

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