Knabe Baby Grand Piano, Mahogany (VIDEO) Just Refinished/Rebuilt Walnut $3950

Knabe Baby Grand Piano

Mahogany Just Refinished/Rebuilt


Knabe Baby Grand Piano, Mahogany, Just Refinished/Rebuilt

Knabe Baby Grand Piano, Mahogany, Just Refinished/Rebuilt

Click Here to See VIDEO!

Beautiful mahogany classic well made hand crafted baby grand piano, Knabe pianos are one of the world’s best made instruments. Classic Knabe tone, perfect condition ivory keys, smooth mahogany finish, circa 1920’s, they just don’t make them like this anymore. Rich, sublime classic Knabe tone. Our technicians just regulated the action, voiced the hammers and our furniture people just gave it a French Polish so it looks and plays great. Knabe is one of the great American piano manufacturers started making pianos in USA 1840’s. Well known owners of Knabe pianos include Robert E. Lee, Woodrow Wilson, Francis Scott Key, Herbert Hoover and the King Elvis Presley owned a white one.  Warranty. Free LI/NYC Delivery! Rest of Continental USA only $475. Questions? Call Sonny (631)475-8046


Specializing in delivering used/pre-owned Steinway’s and other used/pre-owned brand name pianos to: Glendale AZ, Little Rock AK, Boulder CO, Norwalk CT, Dover DE, Naples FL, Savannah GA, Boise ID, Chicago IL, Indianapolis IN, Des Moines IA, Wichita KS, Louisville KY, Honolulu HI, New Orleans LA, Portland MA, Ann Arbor MI, Gulfport MS, St. Louis MO, Omaha NE, Reno NV, Manchester NH, Newark NJ, Jacksonville NC, New York City NY, Fargo ND, Cleveland OH, Portland OR, Philadelphia PA, Providence RI, Columbia SC, Sioux Falls SD, Nashville TN, Midland TX, Salt Lake City UT, Charlottesville VA, Charleston WV, Madison WI and the rest of the USA.

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