Steinway Grand Piano Model M Mahogany Reblt./Refin. 1927 (See Sonny’s Piano Art Video) $12,500

Steinway Grand Piano

Model M Mahogany

Reblt./Refin. 1927


Steinway Grand Piano Model M Mahogany 1927 Refinished/Rebuilt


Beautiful Steinway Grand Piano Model M, mahogany, rebuilt and refinished around 10 years ago. At that time new Steinway hammers, new dampers, strings, pins, bridge caps, key tops, revarnished sound board, regilded plate. Piano originally made during the heyday of heydays for Steinway Pianos 1927. It was a very good year. This piano absolutely sings and radiates beautiful tones and almost seems to emit energy and light. Soundboard and bridges in excellent condition. Our technicians just regulated the action and we gave it a “French Polish” (several coats of hand applied lacquer applied over the original finish to bring out the lustre and sheen.) Piano looks, sounds and plays beautifully. Warranty! Questions? Call Sonny Direct- 1 (631) 475-8046

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