Steinway Grand Piano “Stretch” 1924 Model A 6’4″ “Total Rebuild”$29,500 – See Video Tour!


Steinway Model A Grand Piano

Steinway Model A Grand Piano

Click Here To See Sonny’s Steinway Model A Video Tour!

Steinway Grand Piano Model A 6’4″ known as the “stretch” A because the usual A’s were either 6’1″ or 6’2″… this is a 6’4″ and they only made a few hundred of these during the 1920’s. This piano is more like a B than an A yet has a refinement that you’ll find in very few Steinway or other pianos. This piano was completely rebuilt with all Steinway parts by former Steinway Technicians here in NY this past year 2010 and has not been out of the workshop. New sound board, pinblock, new strings, hammers and shanks, wippens. In fact the only thing that is not new is the cast iron plate and the case. All Steinway parts. Also high end hand rubbed satin ebony finish.This is an incredible sounding and looking piano. For the piano connoseur. Call Sonny at 631 475-8046 for questions and to make an appointment to come and play it if you like.


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