Sonny’s Piano TV – Laul Estonia Grand Piano 6’3″ Model 190 2006 Mint, Absolutely Immaculate, Gorgeous African Bubinga – See Video Tour

Used Estonia Grand Piano

Used Estonia Grand Piano

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Laul Estonia 6’3″ Model 190 Parlour Grand, 2006 like new. This piano is an incredible instrument in every way. Visually, it is stunningly beautiful, with a high gloss polyester finish that adds depth and warmth to the extremely rare African Bubinga wood grain. Tonally, the piano incorporates the best of both the “American” sound of complex overtones and harmonics, along with the clarity and purity of the “European” fundamental sound. This is a Laul Estonia from 2006, a time when Indrek Laul had already incorporated all of the innovations and design advances into the Estonia that have made it one of the most sought after instruments of modern times. This piano sells new for around $50K today, and, unlike many other pianos, there’s typically no discounting or bargaining done by the dealer, since the factory only produces about 300 instruments, of all sizes, per year, and they are in such tremendous demand. This piano has been tuned every other week since 2006, the hammers have been voiced to perfection, and have been maintained at a concert level of regulation, so that every nuance and delicate emotional interpretation can be easily attained, while fortissimo passages and thundering bass will power through when desired. The meticulous attention to detail at every level of construction makes this a hand built work of art, at a fraction of the price you would pay for a Steinway, Bosendorfer, Bluthner, or other tier one level instrument of this calibre. The materials used in its construction are the absolute best money can buy-no expense was spared. Action mechanism and hammers are top of the line Renner German parts. Also notice that there is not a speck of dust anywhere on this instrument. It has been kept covered, in a climate controlled environment using both room humidifier and dehumidifier, AND has a Dampp-Chaser dehumidifier system already installed. Free LI/NYC delivery. All else continental USA only $475. for delivery & set up in your living room Questions? Call Sonny Direct at 631 475-8046.

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