Sonny’s Piano TV – Ebony Gloss Grand Piano Deluxe “Schumann” 5’10” – See Video

Ebony Schumann Grand Piano

Ebony Schumann Grand Piano

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A grand piano deluxe, Schumann Hi Gloss Grand Piano, mint condition inside and out. Served as funiture piece. Very little mileage. Schumanns are made by Samick Piano Company and were brought into this country by Joe Rosen a Piano store dealer and music store owner from Patchogue, NY. He became the national distributor for Samick and the Schumanns. The pianos were prepped and redesigned by local retired Steinway technicians. So Schumanns are great instruments and have a great tone and action response. Comes with warranty. Questions? Call Sonny Direct. Free LI/NYC delivery. All else continental USA only $475. for delivery and set up in your living room.

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