Sonny Talks About The Healing & Therapeutic Benefits of Pianos

Piano playing is good

Piano playing is good

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Piano playing has numerous healing and therapeutic benefits. It is a form of ultra-sound therapy sending sound vibrations into your body thus relaxing muscles and increasing circulation. It gets your energy flowing and gives results similar to meditation, acupuncture, shitatsu and yoga. It relaxes you physically and mentally, increases circulation, oxygenates you, causes dopamine and beta endorphins to release in the brain giving you a sense of well being and a natural high. It has all sorts of psychological benefits as it helps you express your feelings. Playing the piano improves mental clarity and tests show it even improves math scores in children. We are referring to acoustic pianos more so then electronic pianos as the natural, organic sounds that emanate from an acoustic piano are very different then the electronic frequencies that come from a digital piano. Also being made of metal, wood and cloth it seems to give a similar effect as Doctor Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Energy Tools. Reich’s orgone accumulators are boxes made of layers of wood, metal and cotton that people sit in and experience a kind of life energy bath that has numerous health benefits. (To learn about Doctor Reich’s energy work, watch the video on  Youtube) Also many people report that it seems to improve the feng shui in homes and studios. The healing and therapeutic benefits of having a piano in your home are are endless and today pianos are very affordable from both the used and new markets. Also everyone can play the piano. If you can get around on a computer keyboard then playing the piano is easy in comparison as it only has an easy 8 note/key patterns that keep repeating itself. The growing popularity of the chord method of playing piano has also made playing the piano easy to do for everyone. So play that piano you’ll be amazed at how good you will feel.

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