Sonny Talks About The Healing & Therapeutic Benefits of Pianos

Piano playing is good

Piano playing is good

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Piano playing has numerous healing and therapeutic benefits. It is a form of ultra-sound therapy sending sound vibrations into your body thus relaxing muscles and increasing circulation. It gets your energy flowing and gives results similar to meditation, acupuncture, shitatsu and yoga. It relaxes you physically and mentally, increases circulation, oxygenates you, causes dopamine and beta endorphins to release in the brain giving you a sense of well being and a natural high. It has all sorts of psychological benefits as it helps you express your feelings. Playing the piano improves mental clarity and tests show it even improves math scores in children. We are referring to acoustic pianos more so then electronic pianos as the natural, organic sounds that emanate from an acoustic piano are very different then the electronic frequencies that come from a digital piano. Also being made of metal, wood and cloth it seems to give a similar effect as Doctor Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Energy Tools. Reich’s orgone accumulators are boxes made of layers of wood, metal and cotton that people sit in and experience a kind of life energy bath that has numerous health benefits. (To learn about Doctor Reich’s energy work, watch the video on  Youtube) Also many people report that it seems to improve the feng shui in homes and studios. The healing and therapeutic benefits of having a piano in your home are are endless and today pianos are very affordable from both the used and new markets. Also everyone can play the piano. If you can get around on a computer keyboard then playing the piano is easy in comparison as it only has an easy 8 note/key patterns that keep repeating itself. The growing popularity of the chord method of playing piano has also made playing the piano easy to do for everyone. So play that piano you’ll be amazed at how good you will feel.

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Sonny’s PianoTV Show 25

Sonny's PianoTV Show 25

Sonny's PianoTV Show 25

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Sonny Plays an improvisation on the song “Caruso” on a rare, hand-painted, art case 1928 Weber Grand Piano; A video vignette of piano guest artists from previous shows including Connie Crothers, George Li, Jane Hastay and many others; A vignette of video tours of classic American pianos; Sonny Replies to LA Times Article “Piano Lessens”

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Art Case Harrington Two Tone Mahogany Baby Grand $3900 – See Video

Harrington Grand Piano

Harrington Grand Piano

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Pretty two tone mahogany Harrington Baby Grand Piano made by the great NYC piano manufacturer Hardman & Peck during the heyday of piano manufacturing in this country 1925. Mahogany with lighter mahogany inlays, primo condition, furniture is about to be touched up and receive a French Polish (several coats of varnish applied over original finish to even out the sheen and make piano look like new) action just regulated, full rich, robust sound. Warranty and Free Delivery LI/NYC. All else continental USA only $475 for delivery and set up in customers living room. Questions? Call Sonny Direct at 631 475-8046.

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Chickering Grand Piano 5’6″ Ebony Reblt/Refin. $4900

Chickering Grand Piano

Chickering Grand Piano

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Classic Chickering Grand Piano 5’6″, Chickering is one of the best pianos ever manufactured by legendary Chickering Piano Company of Boston. New hammers & shanks, new dampers; strings, pins, felts, key tops, all installed approximately 10 years ago. Just received French Polish (several coats of varnish over original finish to even out sheen and gives piano a like new look)Warranty and Free Long Island/NYC delivery. $475 delivery fee all else continental USA. Questions? Call Sonny direct at 631 475-8046.

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Pre-Owned Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano Model AA Rebuilt $13,900 Free Delivery!

Used Mason Hamlin Grand Piano

Used Mason Hamlin Grand Piano

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Mason & Hamlin Super Grand Model AA 6’2″, incredible tone, Gorgeous African Mahogany, rebuilt and refinished about 15 years ago. Work done; new hammers & shanks, new keytops, new strings and pins, sound board reshimmed, action just regulated, warranty, and free move continental USA….questions? Call Sonny 631 475-8046….

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Pre-Owned Knabe Baby Grand Ebony 5’2″ $3900 – See Video Tour!

Knabe Grand Piano

Knabe Grand Piano

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Knabe Baby Grand, Ebony, new French Polish applied (coats of black varnish applied over original finish even out sheen and gives piano like new look), new key tops, action just regulated. Sublime Knabe tone, plays and sound great, from golden era of American Piano making 1920’s. Warranty and free move LI/NYC vicinity. Only $475 everywhere else continental USA. Questions? Call Sonny Direct 631 475-8046.

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Kohler & Campbell Console Like New! $1300 – See Sonny Video Tour!

Kohler Campbell Upright Piano

Kohler Campbell Upright Piano

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Pre-Owned Console Kohler & Campbell, beautiful furniture, rarely played, like new, manufactured in 1976, tuned and serviced regularly. Free LI/NYC delivery. Local Vicinity delivery only.  Questions? Call Sonny Direct at 631 475-8046

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Sonny Replies to LA Times Article Saying Piano Playing On Decline – Click Here!

Buy A Used Piano

Reasons To Buy A Used Piano

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Sonny discusses why purchasing pre-owned pianos is on the rise, is a great investment; has health benefits; is a stress reducer, is good for family relations; easy to play and fun to do. Here is Sonny’s reply to a LA Times syndicated article “PIANO LESSENS IT’S NO LONGER THE CENTER OF THE AMERICAN HOME!” In this article one person says pianos are like black & white TV’s a thing of the past, and a traditional piano teacher says technology makes kids quit piano lessons. Here is Sonny’s reply; Hold on there! Don’t declare the piano dead yet! These numbers only reflect “new” acoustic piano sales. As an online piano specialist I can tell you that the pre-owned piano market has doubled or even tripled during the same time period. Prices have dropped and quality name brand used American pianos have experienced a resurgence through buying and selling on the internet. And even though some American kids may be enamored by hi-tech gadgetry, they are also turning to the internet to learn how to play their pianos and keyboards as an entire new piano teaching industry has popped up there. Additionally many first generation Americans want their children to have the opportunity they missed to own and play the piano and so there is an entirely new pool of piano players emerging. In fact, as the housing and stock markets have become less secure, people are shifting their money into tangibles like pianos. Pre-owned Steinways, Mason & Hamlins, Knabes, Baldwins, Sohmers and others are not only great instruments to play but investment opportunities! I own and operate http://www.Sonny’; an online piano store and interactive piano video website that is dedicated to promoting piano playing and listening enjoyment. The site is loaded with fun, entertaining, educational piano videos, lessons and tips and even has a regular piano and wellness TV Show all of which attract thousands of viewers to the site every month! From this front row seat we are watching this resurgence and I can assure you that people are interested in and fascinated by pianos and are purchasing and playing them with great passion. Another reason for this turn around is that in many cases the teaching and playing styles are changing from a “pursuit of perfection” to a more relaxed, recreational, fun approach. People are playing the piano for the enjoyment and well-being it offers. As I always say at “Everyone Can Play The Piano! Long Live The Piano! Sonny

Read the Original LA Times Article “The piano’s status in U.S. living rooms is declining

Play Piano Instantly With Sonny’s Piano Yoga – Keyboard Karma TV News Spot

Keyboard Karma - Sonny's PianoTV

Keyboard Karma - Sonny's PianoTV

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This is a recent television news story that featured Sonny’s innovative PianoYoga Teaching method for playing piano instantly. This method incorporates the use of breathing, relaxation, stretching, and getting into the flow exercises and techniques that Sonny has developed to help everyone play piano with little or no sheet music.

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Sonny’s “Win A Free Piano” Contest – See Video!

Win A Free Piano Contest

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Sonny’s PianoTV is holding another “Win a Free Piano” contest!  To enter, all you have to do to enter is upload your original piano or keyboard playing video to Sonny’s Piano Artists Gallery.  The contest ends at the end of June, 2009 and the drawing for the winner will be held in the first week of July, 2009.  Good Luck and play that piano!

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