Sonny’s Piano TV – Steinway Grand Piano Model “O” 5’11” Ebony 1909, Remarkable $12,500 – See Video

Used Steinway Model O Grand Piano

Used Steinway Model O Grand Piano

Click Here To See Sonny’s Steinway Model O Video Tour

Steinway Grand Piano Classic Model “O” they just don’t make them like this anymore. This 1909 all original parts Steinway is a true Steinway in every sense of the word, incredible tone and action response. Furniture about an 8 out of 10.. if we refinished it to like new the price would be $19,950. a steal at this price. Listen to the rich, classic, sublime Steinway tone on the video tour. Piano was just French Polished, action was regulated back to factory specs, original ivories, great instrument through and through. Comes with Warranty and free delivery in LI/NYC and only $475. for move and set up in the continental USA. We also ship to Alaska, the Carribean, Canada and elsewhere. Questions? E-mail or call Sonny direct at or call 631 475-8046.

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