Sonny’s Piano Playing Tips – Relax and Feel

When I play piano, I attempt to get to a place where I’m locked into the feeling of the moment and the notes are emanating from that feeling without conceptualization or conscious thought. The true bliss and joy of piano playing comes from letting go and fully surrendering to the creative act in progress. I’m always amazed when this state of being blesses me with its presence and even more amazed at the music that comes forth. When I don’t try to do anything, the more I relax the better it sounds, less is more. When I was teaching athletes to improve performance it was the same principle. Try too hard to hit a home run, you tend to tense up and hold or restrict your breath and you strike out. Surrender to the pleasurable feeling of the swing, to the process, to the moment. Breathe and relax into the swing and then you hit more home runs. This same principle applies to all movement-related activities.

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