Sell Your Steinway, Mason Hamlin, Knabe Baby Grand Piano – Pianos Wanted!

Looking for Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe, Chickering, Baldwin, Art Case, French or Queen Anne Legs Baby Grand or Grand Pianos. Nearly any condition. Nice homes waiting. Fair price will be offered.

We are also interested in these specific models:
Steinway Baby Grand Piano Model S
Steinway Baby Grand Piano Model M
Steinway Grand Piano Model L
Steinway Grand Piano Model O
Steinway Grand Piano Model A
Steinway Grand Piano Model B
Steinway Console and Upright Pianos
Mason Hamlin Grand or Baby Grand Pianos
Knabe Grand and Baby Grand Pianos
German Made Pianos All Models
Young Chang Baby Grand and Grand Pianos
Baby Grand or Grand Player Pianos

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2 thoughts on “Sell Your Steinway, Mason Hamlin, Knabe Baby Grand Piano – Pianos Wanted!

  1. Hi Sonny,
    Great blog. I have an old 1895 upright grand M & H Serial M 9623 and every once in a while I get enthused about the possibility of either refurbishing it or selling it.
    Do you have any inkling of approximate prices for each?
    It was refinished in 1956 and is in need of it again. It has an interesting set-screw string setup. I’ve never seen one before. Tuners say it is hard to tune, but it stays in tune for years. Anyway, I’m not positive I could even get it across the board, because of the ivory keys, but will not put the cart before the horse.
    After my wife has removed the Nativity Scene, I could send you pics inside and out. I believe the wood is Mahogany, but it might also be Rosewood or Walnut (Not helpful, I know).
    Let me know.

  2. Hello RS…
    It has been my experience that the turn of the century and pre-WW2 Masons were as good if not better then the Steinway Uprights of the same era. I have had several that played great and sounded terrific. That said the cost of refurbishing or rebuilding a piano depends on what it needs. What price to sell it at is also relative to what it looks like and what work is required to get it playing up to a satisfactory or even superb level. Also today’s piano market is glutted with pianos of all makes and ages so it’s not a real great time to be selling. As a person who deals with a lot of pianos I can say that in most cases people are reluctant to spend too much on a pre 1900’s piano… refurbished, rebuilt or original being that it’s over 110 y/o.
    Your best bet if it needs work might be to sell it to a dealer or rebuilder who can get the work done. You might just want to keep it for yourself or give it to a friend or family member as I don’t think you will get too much for it even though it is a Mason & Hamlin. To give you a more definitive answer I would need photos and further details as to what condition it is in. Yes send photos to my e-mail address or visit our website and you can send us photos or even upload a video at Thanks for writing.

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