Piano Playing For Health & Well Being-Sonny’s PianoTV Show 15 – Now Released!

Sonny's PianoTV Show 15

Sonny’s Piano Show 15 in Widescreen HD!

Sonny Talks about the health benefits you can derive from playing piano and demonstrates some techniques for relaxing, getting into the flow and releasing tension and stress through piano playing. He also shows how to play unlimited songs with only three chords, gives a video tour of a Hardman & Peck Piano and demonstrates how to improvise on the song Moon Dance.

Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano $12,500 NY Model A, 5′ 8″ 1969 Mint – See Video Tour

Mason Hamlin Model A - Sonny's Pianos - New York
Like new…Beautiful walnut 1969 5’8″ Model A, great Mason & Hamlin tone and action response with tension resonator attached to sound board for greater resonance, quality of sound and projection… One year warranty, free LI/NYC delivery. All else continental USA $475. Questions? call Sonny direct… 631 475-8046

Piano For Sale – Long Island Art Case Knabe Baby Grand Piano 5’4 $5500 – See Video Tour

Knabe Bubinga Baby Grand - Sonny's Pianos

Knabe 5’4 Baby Grand, unique burled walnut, seems like an exotic bubinga wood. Made in 1929, new key tops and hammers put on about 10 years ago all else original parts. Beautiful piano. Just regulated the action. Free LI.NYC vicinity delivery. $475 all else USA. One year repair warranty. Questions call Sonny 631 475-8046

LI NY Used Piano For Sale – Art Case George Steck Baby Grand Piano 4’8″ $4500. – See Video Tour!

George Steck Baby Grand

George Steck, Chocolate Mahogany with cherry mahogany inlaid. Decorative Case and legs, 1931, refurbished, ivory keys. Excellent condition. Free LI/NYC vicinity delivery. All else continental USA $475. Questions? Call Sonny 631 475-8046.

Piano for Sale – Schumann Grand Piano 5’8 $3950. – See Video Tour

Schumann Grand Piano - Sonny's PianoTV

Gloss White 5’8″ Schumann Grand about 20 years old. Big sound, bell like quality. $3950. Free LI/NYC Vicinity Delivery. All else continental USA $475. Questions? Call Sonny.

Sonny’s Pianos Tips: Improvisation

To Improvise Or Not To Improvise. That Is The Question.

Whether it be nobler to follow the rules and constraints of the accepted comfortable way that came before, or to set out on a new course totally without restrictions. Linked to what came before but not limited by it. The inevitable next step,  a leap of faith into the unknown, a course based on one’s own inner compass, overcoming the fear of letting go. Play from your heart, play from your soul,  play with complete abandon. Combine all that you know, all your muscle memories and life experiences, synthesize all that you are and just play. To improvise means to live completely in the moment and just breathe, surrender to the experience , let go, merge. Bruce Lee put it this way “When about to fight, do not anticipate the outcome, just be in the moment and breathe. You will know what to do when the time comes.